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About Us

Welcum bachelors and bachelorettes, doms and subs, friends and family. Do you enjoy life's two greatest pleasures, food and sex? Then you’ve cum to the right place! If you can’t get enough oral pleasure the old-fashioned way, Eroticakes offers you another medium: CAKE.
Specialising in 3D cakes and cupcakes with designs from your wildest, wettest dreams, we offer an endless limit to customisation. Regardless of skin tone, shape and size, or erectile functionality, your desire is our command.
What make our cakes so sexy? At Eroticakes, every cake and figurine is made upon order and hand-sculpted by our highly skilled and crafty erotic bakers. This allows us to give you, our treasured customer, your very own unique and personalised design, detailing every curve and crevice. 
With every order made from scratch and only from quality ingredients we’ve tried and tested, Eroticakes does not just take pride in our exotic designs, but also in our variety of flavours. Be rest assured that any Eroticake is gonna taste as good as it looks. 
Our philosophy is a simple yet straightforward one. Honest, precise, tasty and downright nasty. Push the boundaries of cakery as well as the conservative nature of our little red dot. Support local. Feel free in your own skin, engage your sensuality and allow your soul to express itself in our cakes! 
You can count on us to bring you the perfect treat that will be the hit of the party! So let us join hands and third legs in giving you or a loved one a spectacular celebration for any occasion: birthdays, bachelorette parties, weddings, or even just for laughs. You name it, we’ll bake it.
P.S. Worried about what grandma will think when you’re picking up your came? She’ll probably love it the most. She’s been around the longest. ;)