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Unicorn Bride

Unicorn's are said to be uncatchable, a rare find. Just like the Unicorn Bride - who can only be tamed by her one true love...

Slice open to reveal the rainbow within; Colourful layers of moist, fluffy cake. Sandwiched between silky smooth swiss meringue buttercream.

Comes in a standard 15" x 11".



Light and sweet, moist and tender. Vanilla cake, White chocolate swiss meringue buttercream. Made with real, plump vanilla beans. An Eroticakes’ original.


For those who enjoy the darker side of life. Moist, decadent dark chocolate cake, silky smooth double chocolate ganache. Leaves you wanting more than just a moment on your lips... The best-selling Eroticake.


Bursting with ripe, succulent blueberries within tender, fluffy cake. Tangy, lush lemon cream cheese frosting to tie it all together. Feelin’ juicy?


Got a thing for long yellow things covered in cream? Moist, buttery cake overloaded with ripe bananas, slathered in a vanilla cream cheese frosting. Bangin’ bananas has got to be your thing.


Carrots are full of Vitamin C goodness, and we all need some of that juicy C in us, don’t we? Flavourful, spongy carrot cake studded with toasted nuts - walnuts - and iced with fluffy, citrusy cream cheese frosting. You’ll be shoving it in your mouth and licking the icing off as soon as you say ‘Ahh…'.


Cake does not get much sexier than when its brimming with vibrant red. Velvety white chocolate cream cheese frosting, because the kinkiest things are covered in thick white cream.

BUST A NUT-ELLA (premium/stuffed)

This bad boy will do just that, to all chocolate + hazelnut lovers out there. Our renowned decadent dark chocolate cake, creamy Nutella ganache. Cupcakes come stuffed with a pure Nutella center, and each cake with a crunchy praline feuilletine base. An irresistible Eroticakes favourite.

COOKIES & CREAMPIE (premium/stuffed)

And that’s the way the cookie got creamed. Dark cocoa cookie studded white cake, cookies & cream frosting and black chocolate ganache filling. Cakes enjoy an additional crunchy cookie base. Here’s a creampie that’s as tasty as it is nasty.

LIME & COCKONUT (premium/stuffed)

Calling all cockonut fans! Tender, light and fragrant coconut cake, refreshing lime-spiked swiss meringue buttercream. Cupcakes are stuffed with homemade lime curd. Cakes have it as a filling and are supported by a crunchy toasted coconut meringue base. Lick that coconut clean!

PENIS BUTTER & JAM  (stuffed)

Oops, I meant peanut butter. Vanilla cake, fluffy peanut butter frosting, homemade mixed berry jam. The cupcake version is generously stuffed with the deliciously chunky jam before being covered in frosting. Time to butter up those nuts and get jammin’!

SPANKULOOS (premium/stuffed)

Wham, bam, spank you ma’am! For this rich, buttery yellow cake filled with the orgasmic goodness of crunchy, caramelised cookie butter. A melt-in-mouth caramelised cookie base lines each cake. Layered with silky smooth salted caramel swiss meringue buttercream - ‘cause aren’t we all used to stuff being a little.. salty?