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February 20, 2019

"Eroticakes… as in, erotic cakes? Holy crap, I love it!!!”

Eroticakes… as in, erotic cakes? Why in the world would you do that - it's obscene!”

We’ve been getting mixed reactions regarding this novel idea. Despite receiving more of the former reaction from people around, hearing the second makes us wonder… is Singapore really ready to take celebration cakes to a whole new level? Are we crossing the line by surpassing unspoken boundaries, or is it a step we have to take toward a more modern, liberated society and encourage the freedom of expression?

You guessed it - we chose the latter. We chose to follow our hearts, our dreams; our passion for both food and sex, combining the two most basic, primal instincts of attaining human satisfaction. We chose to make our friends happy and give them what they want. As millennials, we are in the age where most of our friends have already gotten or are about to get married. Pre-marital celebrations in this day and age include Hen’s Nights(a.k.a. Bachelorette Nights) and Bachelor’s Nights, where the closest friends and family of the bride and groom take it to town with them and have a girls’/boys’ night out of absolute fun and (hopefully contained) mayhem. These are held with the idea of celebrating the ‘pre’ newlyweds as singles for the last time before they officially get hitched! 

In the heat of all the festivities, our baker -of an already established ‘regular’ bakery- had been asked on several of such occasions to bake ‘adult cakes’ or ‘penis cakes’ for Hen's Nights. Her first sex cake order was from a family member. Being more excited than she had ever been for any other cake order, she accepted the order and made it happen. Of course, being proud of her creation, she posted it online. As time went by, she received more and more of such orders by friends of bachelors, bachelorettes, and even people who just wanted something funny and unique to present their co-workers and make their day! She was good at it too - not just in looks but in taste. She also received a couple of messages from people saying they were looking for adult cakes but did not know where to find them and how they wished they had seen her pictures before their parties. People were amazed at her creations and grateful they now had an outlet to order such ‘obscene’ cakes from. Yes, our baker is very good with her hands… in more ways than one. 

As a bunch of like-minded individuals (basically hormone-raging, sexually driven animals), we decided to set up a platform dedicated to adult cakes where anyone could order any of our readily crafted designs or customise their own, according to skin tone, facial expressions, hair colour, positions(you know what we mean), ‘mood’,  and many more. No longer would one have to feel embarrassed about asking a cake maker "Ummm… could you make a cake for my bro, of a woman with big boobs and a big butt lying on a bed with handcuffs attached…?" or "I would like a 9-inch chocolate cake… with a slightly tanned, giant ribbed cock sticking out of it… -line cuts-“. Yes, your #firstworldproblems have been solved.
Have no fear, Eroticakes is here. 

Eroticakes isn’t just about cakes, it is an art. Edible art that celebrates and appreciates our natural, god-given human anatomy… in a much sweeter way.