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March 01, 2019

There are regular cakes… and then there’s those with penises sticking out of them or an exposed nipple in one corner. Erotic cakes are taking cake-cutting at parties to a whole new level. At Eroticakes, we don’t just have a variety of mouth-watering flavors to offer you, but also an assortment of skin tones and kinky positions. A treat to your lips AND your eyes. So what sorts of occasions would benefit from these crowd-pullers?

Bachelorette parties:

Colloquially referred to as “the final farewell of maiden days” or a “night of debauchery”, bachelorette nights have a reputation for their shameless exploits. Mirroring bachelor parties, bachelorette nights, also known as hen’s nights, has its significance tied to gender equality. Sharing intimate secrets, having more than a drink or two and sometimes even watching male strippers in the comfort of a hotel room or at a gay bar are just some of the shenanigans that go down on a hen’s night. Now, even the cakes are getting in the act. With & softcore’ designs like a hot, chiseled playboy stripper popping out of a cake or more ‘hardcore & ones of the bride-to-be whipping her man while he’s handcuffed to the bed frame, it’ll be the perfect way to give your gal the wildest send-off. It is in your power as her right-hand women to ensure her ‘last fling before the ring’ will certainly be a night to remember, before the wedding bells start ringing and “Here cums the bride & starts playing.

Bachelor parties:

If there’s one thing bachelorette and bachelor parties have in common, it would be the reference of social stereotypes in the opposite gender during the party. It is the one-time such acts are not called out on since both sides play it fair in doing so. A bachelor night (or stag night) are more often than not, all about heavy drinking(usually complete intoxication), merciless teasing by his best lads and going to a strip club (fortunately or unfortunately not widely available in Singapore). When you have a cake with edible pole dancers on it, you can have your cake and eat it too!
Alternatively, present him with a vagina-shaped cake to remind him that he’s gonna have the same one forever… or just to not be a pussy(pun intended) and drink up! Whether your boy can remember his stag night or not, that leftover piece of cake will conjure up some sweet memories. Just make sure he’s in one piece in time for the wedding (#thehangover). After all, the ‘breast is yet to cum’. 


Got that one friend in your clique who always makes things sound dirty? Is his/her birthday coming? Well, time to give your buddy a taste of his/her own medicine! Make his/her day by sending him/her your ‘breast wishes’  with a cake that’s just as erotic as him/her. What more can beat celebrating a day of birth than with a voluptuous chick riding an extra large penis atop a delicious cake of the birthday boy/girl’s favorite flavor? He’s gonna & make a wish and blow’ harder than any other birthday he’s had. 


Be it April Fool’s Day or just for laughs, bringing your Eroticake into a room full of people would make you the talk of the town for a long time. The perfect way to brighten someone’s day or show your boss how much of a cock he is by giving him one (and making him eat it)! Want to surprise your co-workers but can’t have something that & it's not safe for work(#NSFW)? Check out the Softcore section of our cakes menu for something a little more gentle on the eyes(and heart). Whatever you choose, know that there’s a hardcore inside of all of us. 

Date night:

Think your schlong is God’s gift to women? Feed your ego and bring your girl one she can actually eat and swallow! You know she’ll be craving the real thing and thanking you after. And girls, if he loves your boobs more than you can handle, get him a pair he can lick and bite into all he likes and he’ll be sure to return the favour. Or perhaps you’ve heard all about #50shadesofgrey and its #redroomofpain. You’ve got some naughty ideas you wanna sexperiment with. Get a set of 6 cupcakes with edible handcuffs, floggers, nipple clamps, ball gags, vibrators and pair of legs tied up with a rope sitting on top of them and set the one for how the rest of the night is gonna turn out. Wet dreams, boys and girls! ;)

The list could go on and on, but you get where we’re cumming from. Anytime can be the perfect time for an Eroticake or Eroticupcake! Rest assured, we’ll bring you the perfect treat that’ll be the biggest hit of your party! Think of all the great selfies and wefies that could be taken! Imagine all the “OMG! #Lemmetakeaselfie” screams you’ll be hearing. And if you’re worried about what grandma would think, trust me, she will love it. She’s been around the longest. (If you insist otherwise, then maybe don’t invite her?)

Disclaimer: We are not liable if you get thrown out of your house or fired from your job. In such cases, however, please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll send the angry folk(s) some apology (erotic)cupcakes. ;)